Live Someplace Special in South Charleston


Major Employers


Thomas Memorial Hospital
1300 employees
Dow Chemical
515 employees
City of South Charleston
320 employees
Kanawha Valley Community
& Technical College
100 employees


Mountaineer Gas Company
Appalachian Power Company
West Virginia American Water Co.
Public Service Districts and municipalities provide wastewater treatment.

Frontier  800-921-8101
Lumos  800-320-6144
Suddenlink  877-694-9474

Medical Hospitals

Thomas Memorial Hospital
260 total number of beds
350 Physicians affiliated with Thomas Memorial Hospital


The Charleston Gazette
Charleston Daily Mail

17 stations

Four affiliations:
CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and two independent – Fox and The CW
Suddenlink provides cable television services.


Western Union

Post Office

A Class One facility is located in South Charleston on D Street


The Kanawha County school system operates the public educational facilities in South Charleston.

Alum Creek  304-348-1935
Bridgeview  304-766-0383
Montrose  304-348-1930
Richmond  304-766-0357
Ruthlawn  304-744-9481

Middle School
South Charleston Middle School  304-348-1918

High School
South Charleston High School  304-766-0352

South Charleston High School students are eligible to attend
Ben Franklin Career Center, which is a state-of-the-art vocational
school offering Community Education programs, evening classes,
after school activities, and community activities for all ages.

Wireless Internet Service

The City of South Charleston is proud to provide Wi-Fi services in all business districts. This service is offered free of charge to citizens, visitors, and corporate partners. The Wi-Fi coverage area includes Downtown South Charleston, Riverwalk Plaza, Spring Hill, Southridge, and Little Creek Golf Course. Coverage areas are approximate and can be affected by the type of equipment used and obstacles that can impede receiving of signal. Accessing this service will prompt you to accept the Terms of Service required to use the Wi-Fi service.

Refuse Services

South Charleston residents have a schedule for trash pickup twice a week and once a week for recycled materials.  Recycled materials include No. 1 & 2 plastic bottles, Plastic beverage rings, Corrugated cardboard, Glass food & beverage containers, Steel food and beverage cans, Plastic bags, Gift wrap, White paper, mixed paper & junk mail, Spiral paper cans without wax, Aluminum cans, foils & trays and Newspapers.

Business Friendly

South Charleston provides tax breaks for new businesses – 75% off B/O tax the first year, 50% the second year, and 25% third year.  They offer ribbon cutting and ground breaking ceremonies to bring customers to your door to help kick start your growth.

Law Enforcement

The South Charleston Police Department is located directly behind City Hall at 4th Avenue and D Street. The Police Department is currently budgeted for 38 officers. The Department has a full time Criminal Investigation Bureau and three K-9 units specially trained in drug and bomb detection and patrol.

Two officers are currently trained to provide Drug Awareness Resistance Education training in city schools with the D.A.R.E. Program. One officer is located at South Charleston High School and serves as the Prevention Resource Officer. South Charleston was the first city in West Virginia to implement the 911 system.

Fire Department

There are four fire stations thoughout the city with an authorized crew of 40 full time career firefighters and two part time. Every full time firefighter is an Emergency Medical Technician, certified in hazardous materials response, and trained in all areas of rescue.

The fire department not only responds to fires, but many other types of emergencies as well. They are the primary rescue unit called to provide auto accident extrication, confined space rescue, water rescue, high angle rescue, and deal with hazardous material situations. The fire department offers CPR, fire extinguisher use, fire safety, first aid, and shelter-in-place classes for the general public.

Higher Education

South Charleston has become a central hub for a wide range of vocational and career skills training centers.

BridgeValley Community & Technical College, whose main campus is located in Montgomery, West Virginia, recently opened a Technology Center in South Charleston at West Virginia Regional Technology Park. This second campus, provides among other things, an advanced manufacturing technology program in conjunction with Toyota.

The Marshall University Graduate College campus is located in South Charleston, just off of Kanawha Turnpike. This location offers Masters degrees in many diverse areas such as business, education, information technology, engineering, counseling, and psychology.

West Virginia State University, located nearby, is also entering into a partnership with the West Virginia Regional Technology Park. The University recently signed leases to take over several laboratories in the park to begin research focused on the agricultural and environmental industries.